GN1431 Specifications

Mica Window Halogen-Quenched
α,β,γ Geiger-Mueller Tube

Electrical Characteristics

Recommended Operating Voltage (volts)575
Operating Voltage Range (volts)450-700
Maximum Dead Time (μs)200
Maximum Plateau Slope (%/100 volts)4
Minimum Anode Resistor (MΩ)3.3
Recommended Anode Resistor (MΩ)4.7
Gamma Sensitivity Cs137 (cps/mR/hr)50
Max. Background Shielded 50mmPb+3mmAl (cpm)25
Tube Capacitance (pF)3

Mechanical Characteristics

Nominal Active Length (inch/mm)1.34 / 34.0
Window Thickness (mg/cm2)2.0 - 3.0 , Mica
Active Diameter (inch/mm)1.13 / 28.7
Cathode MaterialCr - Fe
Cathode Wall Thickness (inch/mm)0.060 / 1.52
Operating Temperature Range (°C)-40 to 75
Fill GasNe + Halogen
Type of ConnectorPin
Approx. Weight (grams)85
Maximum Altitude (ft)8000

Equivalent models: ZP1431

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