Ionization Chambers

Global Nucleonics Ion Chambers are designed and manufactured at our factory in Houston, Texas. We offer a range of standard types and also engineer special ionization chambers for specific applications.

Ion Chambers have exceptional stability of calibration and very long life over their operating region. This makes them well suited for dose or dose rate measurements. Larger Ion Chambers are often used as area monitors. Pressurized Ion Chambers can measure dose rates down to 1µR/h. Small Ion Chambers can measure dose rates in excess of 107 R/h.

“Well” Ion chambers allow a source to be introduced into the middle region of the detector. This source is then at a location where the operating characteristics of the detector are most linear and has a “near 4-pi” detection geometry. Detectors of this type are usually used as radiation source dose calibrators.

Ion chambers are available for use in current or pulse mode with a variety of wall thickness, radiation entrance window types and fill gas options with varying fill pressures available. Gridded chambers (Frisch type) are also available.

Global Nucleonics has the design and engineering capability to produce detectors to your specifications.