Geiger Müller Tubes

Global Nucleonics offers a wide range of Geiger Müller tubes of all types to detect alpha, beta, gamma and x-ray radiation (or combinations thereof) in a large range of radiation field activity levels. GM tubes are known to be effective for a large variety of end use applications such as health physics, security, industrial, oil field services, NDT and scientific research.

GM tube types include:

All Global Nucleonics GM tubes are designed and manufactured at our ISO certified facility in Houston, Texas. We have been in business at this location since 2008.

Scroll down to see summary specifications of our standard GM tubes or use search button on the top right of website to find the detector you are looking for.  Click on the detectors name to get more detailed specifications and sales drawing.

While we offer a comprehensive mix of standard GM tube designs we make other custom builds and our engineering/design capabilities are adept at making tubes for special applications. If you don't see what you are looking for, get in contact: .

Mica Window GM Tubes

Global Nucleonics manufactures a large mix mica based radiation entrance window GM tubes of various geometries including pancake GM tubes as well as end window and side window configurations.

Mica Window GM Tubes group

Energy Compensated GM Tubes

Energy Compensated GM Tubes group

For highly efficient detection Global Nucleonics offers full sized energy compensated GM tubes.

Cylindrical Thick and Thin Wall GM Tubes

These tubes can be made in a multitude of lengths or diameters for use in varying radiation energy levels.

Cylindrical Thick and Thin Wall GM Tubes group

High Temperature / Ruggedized GM Tubes

High Temperature / Ruggedized GM Tubes

Global Nucleonics specializes in platinum plated high sensitivity GM tubes.

GM Tubes - Miniature

When space is at a premium miniature GM tubes can detect alpha, beta and gamma radiation.

These tubes can be used in a variety of applications and environments and come in both energy uncompensated and energy compensated designs.

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Global Nucleonics has the design and engineering capability to produce detectors to your specifications.